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What are our Projects?

All our projects are in line with the five Marks of Mission and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Each sits under one of our three categories of Missions, Development and Humanitarian Aid.

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All Anglican Missions’ projects must satisfy at least one of the Marks of Mission – Tell, Teach, Tend, Transform, Treasure.
Mission based projects are centred around the first two Marks of Mission – Tell and Teach. While we like to Tell and Teach everywhere we work, our Development, and Humanitarian Aid projects are managed by AWA and focus solely on at least one of the Tend, Transform and Treasure Marks of Mission.
These are the United Nation’s Global Goals to make the world a more peaceful and prosperous place. Check out the 17 development goals here.
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All projects are reported on upon completion or at 6-month intervals. Project milestone updates will be made either in the news section or on our social media. For a general update on all our projects please review our annual report.

How do we do "Projects?"

Our projects are scoped in lots of different ways, and they arrive at Anglican Missions through many different avenues.

Many of our projects come through our Anglican church networks – Parishes, Mission Partners (through NZCMS), or international connections and their associated needs (clergy, friends, associates etc). The Anglican Church is a worldwide movement and so we do out best to stay connected to the needs of the church, both in our Province and internationally.

Projects also arrive in response to a need or situation. Natural disasters and humanitarian crises are an example (like the Tonga Volcano and Tsunami appeal (2022) or the Get One, Give One campaign (2021)).

Projects are scoped and measured against the Five Marks of Mission, the SDGS’s, Te Ara Hou (our strategic plan) and the needs and requirements of our partners. Goals are matched to financial or material outcomes (ie. $x. of funds raised or y numbers of supplies delivered).

Projects change lives.

Anglican Missions undertakes work all around the world. Here are some that are on top for us.

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Our Work is International.

Projects are the main way we help people, and we help people all over the world.

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People given a
place to worship in Tanzania

Cubic Meters of
supplies in the Pacific

People with access to
a toilet in the Solomon Islands