Humanitarian Emergencies

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An image of people examining the contents of a shipping container full of supplies, symbolising AWA and it's work during emergencies

During emergencies, we mobilise love into action.

Our humanitarian and emergency response works directly with the church and organisations on the ground, delivering immediate relief with practical assistance, resources and finance.

Our approach is sustainable. Partner churches are there before, during and a long time after disaster strikes. With tools like CIVA, we can ensure that the most vulnerable members of our whanau are cared for.

People wonder...

We act primarily as a mobiliser of resources and funds. Through partnerships with other development and aid agencies in New Zealand and overseas, as well as the Anglican Church, we are able to mobilise physical resources like food, water and tools to where they are needed. We also mobilise the church to give financially to all those in need, and use these funds to purchase required items. We also have a number of pre-positioned supplies that can be drawn on quickly in an event of any crisis.
No. We do not place any conditions based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or any difference whatsoever. There are times where help will need to be based on the appropriate social and cultural contexts that each situation requires. Each project we are involved in has a stringent reporting process to ensure we remain as transparent as possible.
Anglican Missions and its partners work towards the Sphere Standard of emergency response, to ensure we're compliant with the best standards and practices of emergency response,.
Thank you for putting love into action! Generally we accept donations in the immediate aftermath of an emergency or disaster as part of a targeted appeal. In the medium to long term, we establish projects that work to rebuild communities, infrastructure and lives, which you can also donate to.
In the immediate aftermath of an emergency or disaster, your donation will go towards immediate relief supplies or services. Your donation will be used by Anglican Missions, in conjunction with third parties and organisations closer to the location that we may be working with.

In the medium to long-term as the response phase of an emergency ends, we look at projects designed to rebuild social, economic or physical/mental resilience. You can chose which of these projects to donate to.

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