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Hope for the Holy Land

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Hope for the Holy Land.

The one inevitable outcome of armed conflict is the significant loss of human life and dignity – on any side. 

Your generous donation to the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza is just one of the ways you have brought hope to the Holy Land. Al Ahli continues to operate and serve its community.

So far, we have raised over $90,000, and the Diocese of Jerusalem is receiving funds from Anglicans around the world to support the hospital and to deepen its existing humanitarian response. This is especially important as the West Bank and wider region is also in dire need of healthcare, education and community support (which includes humanitarian supplies).

Partner with us to bring Hope for the Holy Land.


There are no winners in war.

Hope for the Holy Land is about supporting the preservation of human life and dignity. We’re joining together with a number of Anglican Agencies to raise funds for Al Ahli Hospital and the work of the Anglican Church in Gaza, West Bank, Israel and the region.

Our response is driven by humanitarian principles: humanity, impartiality, independence and neutrality.

Read about the NGO Code of Conduct here.

Marks of Mission


Al Ahli Hospital

As of February 2024, Al Ahli Hospital continues to operate.

Al Ahli Anglican Hospital is currently open, providing medical assistance and shelter to those in the North of Gaza.

During a brief ceasefire, the World Health Organization (WHO) was able to oversee a delivery to the hospital, which remains the only functional medical centre in the northern part of Gaza. Among the items delivered were fuel for the generators, anesthesia, ICU supplies, emergency drugs, and IV fluids.

The WHO reported that the hospital is filled with hundreds of injured patients, with St. Philip’s Chapel being used to accommodate the massive overflow. The majority of cases are severe and need more advanced care and surgical intervention.

As of February 2024, Al Ahli Hospital continues to operate despite severe strain due to limited resources. While the Anglican church has been able to procure supplies locally, this is in a constant state of uncertainty.

As of April 2024, Al Ahli hospital has expanded operations to the city of Rafah. This extension clinic has been set up by displaced staff of Al Ahli hospital. Rafah is now a humanitarian shelter for those displaced by the conflict, with over 1.5 million people in the city (compared to just over 170,000 in 2017).

How Can I Help?

Where your donations will go:

Your contributions will support the hospital and other Anglican institutions in Gaza, West Bank and across region. Donations will go towards both immediate, short term needs and longer term recovery. The situation faces constant changes and we will adapt and adjust to meeting the most critical needs of the most vulnerable.

Through established Anglican institutions and the Diocese of Jerusalem, we will continue to provide support in 3 key areas where we have expertise:

  • Provision of emergency health services and rehabilitation
  • Education services, including psychosocial support to children facing trauma
  • Emergency support to affected communities

“The situation is severely critical… life in Gaza is paralysed, with all institutions and private sectors closed, affecting the people’s access to basic needs… “

– Suhaila Tarazi, Al Ahli Hospital Director


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Yes! Because this appeal is being run by AWA (our aid and development branch), donations are eligible for tax credits. You will recieve an automated email from us containing your tax credit receipt. Please check your spam/junk filter to ensure it hasn't been lost there.
We do not exclude help based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation. Our focus is only the humanitarian imperative.
We act primarily as a mobiliser of resources and funds. Through partnerships with other development and aid agencies in New Zealand, as well as the Anglican Church, we are able to mobilise physical resources like food, water and tools to where they are needed. We also mobilise the church to give financially to all those in need, and use these funds to purchase required items.

Funds for Hope for the Holy Land are being utilised by the Diocese of Jerusalem, with consultation, input and direction from the international Anglican Alliance (of which Anglican Missions is a key participant).
We will keep you updated about the outcomes of the projects through our newsletter and articles on our website. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with the progress of this appeal.

We're committed to stringent project reporting, which we will publish on our website and through our public records like our annual report.


We pray for those mourning the loss of lives and livelihoods.

We pray for restraint on all sides, and renewed efforts towards a just peace for all.

We pray for those who are injured, and all those fearing for their safety.

We pray for peace to triumph over war.

We pray for unity to bind together division.

We pray for love to overcome hate.


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