Our values

Read about our whakapapa, strategy and organisational values.

A picture of Totara trees symbolising our values and whakapapa

We’re a values driven organisation.

Weaved throughout our whakapapa (“geneology”, “lineage”, “descent”) is a history of values.

From the Christian, Kingdom driven values of the Five Marks of Mission, to our strategic and operational values that define us as a developmental and aid non governmental organisation (NGO). Anglican Missions is deeply committed to living up to these values so that we can put the love of God into action in order to change lives.

Our whakapapa

We've been enabling mission for over 100 years.

Anglican Missions was first established by the Anglican Church in 1919. Since then, our story has grown – shaped by time, experience and the outworking of the gospel in Aotearoa, Polynesia and around the world.

With the establishment of AWA (“Anglican World Aid Aotearoa”), our whakapapa becomes richer and more vibrant. Our story is moving into a new, exciting chapter.

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A picture of a typewriter symbolises our continuing story

Our logo

The official symbol of Anglican Missions.

The stylised bird visually represents our values. Each colour and associated design element represents our story.

Our Logo
The official logo of Anglican Missions

Te Ara Hou – a fresh wind, a new breath.

Bridging the gap between past and present, Te Ara Hou is our new strategy. It’s supported by three Mission statements:

Mission In Action.

Mission Together.

Mission Profile.

Voyaging into the next 100 years.

Te Ara Hou charts a course for our work, enabling us to connect with the wider Church.

It also helps us measure our outcomes and achievements, creating alignment and accountability to ourselves and our Board. Read about the values that shape Te Ara Hou below, or download the full strategy document.

Download the full strategy.
A picture of a sailing ship symbolising forward motion and a continuing journey

Mission in Action.

Mission in action – kia to tika te haere whakamua. Anglican Missions will achieve its Mission beyond Borders primarily by allocating resources to:

  • Tikanga-initiated Mission activity (Mission Councils)
  • Scheduled Groups & Partners
  • Emergencies

With a clear Geographic Focus to achieve specific Marks of Mission which are strongly aligned to supporter priorities.

Mission Together.

Mission together – kia ata tuituia o tātou whakaaro. Anglican Missions will support cross-Tikanga shared Mission primarily by allocating resources to create, nurture and grow regular co-participation, celebration and information sharing at the following levels:

  • Hui Amorangi / Diocesan Mission Councils
  • Diocese / Hui Amorangi Synods
  • Tikanga Mission Councils
  • Tikanga Synods

Mission Profile.

Mission profile – kia whakamanahia te kupu kōrero. Anglican Missions will create and share a systematic and cohesive framework of collaboration across the Tikanga and scheduled groups to distribute high quality easily accessible mission stories and create storytelling opportunities.