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We help others to build back better.

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Sustainable, strength based and community driven.

Our team works towards sustainable outcomes through strength-based, community driven projects. Projects must be transformational and empowering in the communities we work in, and rely on the participation, inclusion, transparency and accountability of all stakeholders.

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The international transfer goods, services or capital from a country or international aid organisation to a recipient country or its population.
Humanitarian relief generally helps people who are distressed, displaced or suffering, particularly in the aftermath of an emergency or natural disaster.

Economic relief generally works to develop and invest in infrastructure and business in order to make communities more economically resilient.

Healthcare development focusses on health and wellbeing outcomes for people and communities, particularly through the reduction of disease, infant mortality and quality of life improvements.
We approach our work from a community perspective. Projects must have sustainable outcomes for the people and communities they involve, so that when the initial project or relief phase is met, those people and communities can continue to thrive.
We do Aid & Development because it aligns with our Five Marks of Mission, our internal mission values. Specifically Tend (responding to human need through selfless service), Treasure (sustaining and safeguarding the life of the Earth) and Transform (transforming unjust structures of society).
When you donate to a project, your funds go to the provisioning of supplies, services and organisations that utilise the resources to do the work on the ground. We do detailed reporting on each project so that we remain transparent and open about how funds are being received and spent.

Why do international aid and development?

We help others to build back better.

Anglican Missions has projects and initiatives all across the world. Here are some that are on top for us.


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