As a tourism hot spot, Fiji has been significantly impacted by Covid-19. Unemployment is at an all-time high, and many people are returning to rural communities to live a life of subsistence. As a result of this migration and the occurrence of adverse weather events, food security in many rural communities is worsening.

This project will alleviate some pressure caused by Covid-19 and natural disasters by improving food security in Fiji’s most vulnerable communities. The project will ultimately:

  • Increase the availability and access to local produce particularly for those affected by Covid-19 and recent Tropical Cyclones
  • Strengthen community systems of food security through sustainable farming training and provision of farming supplies
  • Review, refine and build-on the existing community garden project which was undertaken in 2020

More than 500 people will directly benefit from having consistent access to nutritious produce. Many more will benefit from the long term advantages of sustainable food production.

Download the project card here