Be an ambassador for change.

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Advocacy is the active support of a cause.

When you advocate for a cause you…

Generate visibility and public support:

Advocacy for Anglican Missions not only helps us to become more visible, but it shines a light on the issues that our projects tackle. Advocacy makes these issues more visible local, regional, and national government agencies, and can help them to better understand and take action to help.

Help communities identify problems:

When you advocate for Anglican Missions, you amplify issues that exist in your local communities. Because your voice is amplified, it allows us to hear and to speak on behalf of people who will be directly affected by particular policies or actions.

Give ordinary people a voice:

Your amplified voice allows us to speak loudly. We can serve you and your communities on behalf of those who cannot advocate for themselves. In many cases, these people aren’t just passive beneficiaries of our efforts, they are key to helping and participating in the advocacy work.

It is a privilege to work for an organisation that has such strong humanitarian convictions and the courage to follow them through. The spirit of social justice certainly resonates.

Kaspar | Intern


Mission work is synonymous with the word “go”. OMTP enables this.

OMTP empowers people to “go” and make a real, tangible difference in the world. This might take the form of a specific project, goal or outcome in a country or location that needs help.

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Advocacy News:

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