The Anglican Missions Lenten Appeal for 2023 begins on February 22nd. Join us this lent in supporting our global whānau who are currently facing significant hardships. Please consider supporting our 2023 lenten appeal projects:

Our whānau in Fiji are vulnerable to cyclones and extreme weather events. Homes are often the first to fall during a cyclone. This leaves families devastated as their livelihoods are left in ruins. This lenten appeal we are supporting the Mud Brick Project which will address these vulnerabilities. Through a community lead approach, it will empower local villages with brick production. This will provide strong, resilient and cyclone-proof housing for our Fijian whānau. Support the project this lenten appeal.

In Northern Ethiopia, communities are vulnerable to a range of humanitarian disasters. The Bricks for Life Project aims to support the vision of Amlaku Yaregal who wants to improve the lives of his village in Baregota, Northern Ethiopia which is home to 500 people. The Bricks for Life has supported the development of grain mills, water tanks, irrigation, feminine hygiene access and even a soap-making business. But more support is needed. Learn more about the humble beginnings and inspirational story of the Bricks for Life Project.

Saviour Anglican School in Zarka, Jordan serves over 258 students including a specialised programme supporting students living with low vision and blindness. But there is a desperate appeal for support as their current heating and cooling systems are making the learning environment difficult to learn in. By supporting the School Heating Project it will provide electric heating and cooling units so classrooms are a better and safe place to learn so students can reach their full potential. Learn more about the current conditions of Saviour School.