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School Heating Project

The students of Saviour's School in Jordan deserve an environment to learn in that is safe and healthy.

Appeal launches Feb 22

The environment where a child learns matters.

All students deserve an environment to learn in that is safe, healthy and physically suited to help them thrive.

Many classrooms around the world do not have adequate heating or cooling systems to achieve this. This Lent, partner with us as we make safe and healthy classrooms a reality for Saviour’s School in Zarqa, Jordan.

Marks of Mission




Project Goals

12 New AC Units

$15000 NZD

About Saviour's School

Serving Zarqa since 1955.

Opportunities for all

A school that values people.

Current conditions

Necessary upgrades for a necessary learning environment.

Saviour’s facilities however, do not meet current safety and environmental standards. The aging classrooms are heated by gas stoves (pictured), which run for 8 hours a day during colder seasons. Not only is this inefficient, but the stoves are also potentially dangerous –  the risk of gas leaks or accidental ignition will only get worse as the stoves continue to age. During warmer seasons, there are few options for adequately cooling the classrooms.

Your donation will go towards the installation of 12 new electric heating and cooling systems. Not only will this create a safe and comfortable learning environment for the students, but you’ll be helping the school reduce it’s reliance on outdated and unsafe carbon fuels.


Donations will be used to purchase 12 AC/Heating units for each of the 11 classrooms and one larger unit for the school's multipurpose hall.

Each classroom unit is approximately $800 USD and the larger multipurpose hall unit is approximately $1000 USD.
Yes! Because each of the Lenten Appeal projects are run by AWA (our aid and development branch), they are eligible for tax credits. Because our system for AWA donations is not fully operational, you will receive a donation receipt from Anglican Missions. We will manually issue a tax receipt for your donation within a week to your designated email address.
90 percent of your donation goes directly towards the project. We retain 10 percent of funds for operational costs, and only for aid and development projects run by AWA - our aid and development branch. No donated funds for AWA projects are used for religious or evangelical purposes.

We're committed to total transparency around the use of donated funds.
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Your donation will provide a healthy, safe and fertile learning environment for the students of Saviour’s School.

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