Supporting projects that have a strong impact on communities at both a national and international level has been a great way to put love into action. Anglican Missions also extends this love to individuals who are facing significant hardships by providing discretionary funding to them.

In July this year, Anglican Missions were alerted that Joe and Mere Waisuku and their young family from Ovalau, Fiji needed strong community support as their livelihoods were left devastated.

On the morning of July 4th 2022, as the family were sleeping, a fire destroyed their home. It is where Joe, Mere, their daughter, son-in-law and two small children called home. Fortunately, everyone was safe but they were left with nothing except the clothes they were wearing. This has been a difficult time for them, especially their two small children.    

But with a strong community response from the St. Stephen Parish in Wainaloka Village, it has supported the Waisuku family by providing crucial relief items such as money, clothing, cooking utensils and bedding. This has helped the Waisuku family rebuild their livelihoods and bounce back from this devastating fire.

After learning of the fire, Anglican Missions wanted to build on the love and generosity from the local community by gifting NZ$1,000 to the Waisuku family. This has been used to purchase new building materials which will support the rebuilding of their new home.