In New Zealand, Anglican Missions and NZCMS have a very strong and close relationship, partnering together to enable NZ Anglicans to participate in the overseas mission of the Church as Mission Partners.

Both NZCMS and Anglican Missions have been around for a while, in fact 124 and 96 years respectively. Together we are involved in mission throughout the world with people and projects in all sorts of places: Africa, Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East and Europe.

This collaborative relationship sees each organisation represented on the other’s governing body while staff work together in a number of areas.

The Anglican Missions Board provides a grant each year towards the cost of supporting Mission Partners serving overseas – in 2021 this grant of $546,000 covers a large part of the budgeted direct costs of current Mission Partners.

You can donate to Anglican Missions to support NZCMS Mission Partners through our grant.

Photo: NZCMS Mission Partner Miriam and her team of technicians, Togo, Africa.

Mission Partners

See more below about some of the Mission Partners being supported in 2021.

If you would like to support a particular Mission Partner and want to receive their newsletters, please contact the NZCMS Office in Christchurch at or (03) 377 2222.

You can ask to receive the:

  • Emailed newsletter of the Mission Partner you wish to support;
  • Prayer Fuel brochure (advise quanitities) which is produced monthly. This will keep you up to date with urgent prayer requests and movements of Mission Partners;
  • Intermission magazine (advise quantities) which is also produced monthly. This magazine has a variety of articles about mission and is a great resource for home groups to help stimulate missional thinking;
  • Annual Snapshot of all Mission Partners.

How can you get involved

NZCMS seeks to reach the world with the Gospel. And they have many ways they hope to do that. If you’re considering long term mission service overseas or short term encounter trips, they have experienced staff whose role it is to train you, support you and discern with you what the ‘next steps’ could be.

They have a passion to disciple the next generation and have various options for young adults. Their Missions Internship caters for those who want to live on cross cultural mission as an “apprentice” to a current NZCMS Mission Partner. This programme typically runs for 6 – 12 months.  Visit for more details.

NZCMS isn’t just about sending people overseas. They are a community that you belong to and provide ways for you to support them financially and prayerfully. Visit or get in touch at if you’re interested in learning more about how you can partner with them.