Our Logo

A picture of a framed photo showing the Anglican Missions bird logo

Our logo.

The stylised bird which appears as the logo of Anglican Missions is an official corporate symbol of Anglican Missions. Anglican Missions is the office that represents (does the work of) the Anglican Missions Board as set out in the Canon IX of the Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.

The colours.

The Anglican Missions logo is a detailed, tri-coloured bird in profile view. Three colours / the Three Tikanga Church Three colours: black, turquise-green and dark turquoise green represent the three different churches Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia in the province of Anglican Missions. (Aotearoa is the Maori church within New Zealand, and New Zealand the Pakeha church within New Zealand.)

The green colours represent the colours of the Pacific Ocean (lighter closer to shore; darker in deeper waters). The black colour echoes the tattoo mark-making and wood carving which is an essential part of Maori and Pacifica history


The kererū is a type of dove, which in the Bible represents the Holy Spirit; and in general practice, peace. The kererū is shown in mid-flight and with stripes to indicate movement.

Like the dove, Anglican Missions aims to act on behalf of the people of God as a messenger to actively bring God’s peace to the world. Surrounding the eye, at the base of the wing, and on the tail are koru. Koru are stylised shapes often found in Maori art to depict unfurling indigenous silver fern fronds.

These symbolise new life, growth, strength and peace.

Branding and Logo Guidelines

"Anglican Missions”, the missions arm of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia is the official name and title of Anglican Missions; the combined elements of the title in lower case font and the bird symbol create an official mark of the Church.
As an official symbol of Anglican Missions, the logo may only be used to denote membership, association or identification with the body corporate of three tikanga. While size may be varied according to use, the logo must be used in the form of the authorised design options without addition or alteration.
Permission to use the logo is required when:

(a) Reproducing for print and digital purposes for short term or "local use" (e.g. service orders, notices, bulletins, magazines etc).

(b) Using prepared signage supplied under the authority of the General Synod Office (e.g. internal signage, street notice board signage etc).

(c) Reproducing for print and digital purposes of a permanent nature or for extended use (e.g. stationery, labels, handbooks, published resources for worship, education or training, hardcover printing, books, calendars, websites, digital platforms, etc).

(d) Applying on fabric (e.g. church furnishings, vestments, banners, flags etc).

(e) Applying on leather, synthetic materials, wood, glass, metal or stone.

(f) Specific design requirements apply to (d), (e) and (f).
The logo should be used as a tri-colour logo unless you are printing in a single colour. Logos are available in process colour (i.e. full colour), one colour (one of the three designated greens below), or black.

The three colours are:

1. Dark Green : CMYK 90/50/58/35

2. Mid Green : CMYK 95/25/46/18

3. Green : CMYK 100/0/33/0