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On 15 February 2023, Cyclone Gabrielle swept across New Zealand.

The cyclone caused widespread destruction and left many residents without power or access to clean water. Coastal regions were lashed by gale force winds and heavy rains caused significant flooding.

The storm caused significant damage to homes, buildings, and infrastructure, with access to power, communication and services still highly limited.

As needs assessments are completed, we will advise how the funds will be distributed. It will include early recovery work as well as long term programmes designed to build the resilience of churches and marae.

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In the wake of a natural disaster or emergency, it is natural to want to help. In the very early stages of relief, particularly as power and communications still remain down, the physical needs of those affected are difficult to fully understand. Well intentioned donations of physical items like blankets, clothing, toys etc can often become an unintentional burden in these early stages, as they take extra resources to store, ship and allocate.

As the situation develops, we’re encouraging those wanting to help right away to donate financially, as funds can be utilised quickly, efficiently and to respond to the absolute greatest need. As the Anglican church develops it’s short term response plan, the need for physical goods and service will become apparent, revealing where people can send items that can enrich people’s lives and wellbeing as they rebuild their communities. This is Hāpaitia – to share a burden.


To lift up, support and share a burden.

The Church recognises that our faith calls us to respond to human need through prayer and through action. Drawing on the strengths of our Church we have established a new group named Hāpaitia: The Anglican Cyclone Gabrielle Response Group. Hāpaitia will commit to whakamana (acknowledging, uplifting, maintaining and restoring the mana and tapu of others). This is so that they in turn can uplift ‘Te Oranga Ake’ –  rebuilding flourishing whānau, communities and environments.

Hāpaitia will focus on four key areas:

  • Providing support for Wairua (spiritual, pastoral and theological support),
  • Tinana (care for physical and structural wellbeing),
  • Pūtea (financial aid) and
  • Kōrero (communications and storytelling).

This pledge stands not only for the following days and weeks, but throughout the journey to recovery.


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Yes! Because this appeal is being run by AWA (our aid and development branch), donations are eligible for tax credits. Because our system for AWA donations is not fully operational, you will receive a donation receipt from Anglican Missions. This is not a tax receipt however - we will manually issue a tax receipt for your donation within a week to your designated email address.
No. We do not exclude help based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or any other qualifier other than pure need. We are committed to stringent reporting process to ensure we remain as transparent as possible, including how and where funds are distributed.
We act primarily as a mobiliser of resources and funds. Through partnerships with other development and aid agencies in New Zealand, as well as the Anglican Church, we are able to mobilise physical resources like food, water and tools to where they are needed. We also mobilise the church to give financially to all those in need, and use these funds to purchase required items.
We will keep you updated about the outcomes of the projects through our newsletter and articles on our website. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with the progress of this appeal.

Also feel free to contact us for specific questions regarding the Cyclone Gabrielle appeal.

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