We have over 100 years of Mission experience

The Beginning.

The course for Anglican Missions was charted from 1814, beginning with the arrival and historic Christmas Day sermon by Samuel Marsden.

The Maori chief Ruatara agreed with the Reverend Samuel Marsden to give protection to three missionaries and their families at Oihi in the Bay of Islands. Missionary activity quickly spread throughout the country.

Calls for more.

Growing out of these well-established roots came louder and louder calls for the Anglican church to look beyond local boarders.

Leading these calls was Bishop Samuel Nevill, who in 1919 said:

“…the war has shown how men can give and women can organise for Imperial needs, yet how little is really given to, and done, for missions”.

The door is open. The church is called to enter.

The Canon (legislation) that led to the official establishment of the New Zealand Anglican Board of Missions was established in 1920, including this powerful statement: “We are conscious that the Day of Opportunity has come, the door of opportunity is open, and the Church is called to enter”.

Us today.

Known as Anglican Missions today, our organisation has a rich history that has been woven with Tangata Whenua and our Pasifika neighbours. Our relationships with local and Pacific groups have come out of a historic partnership in mission and ministry spanning over 100 years.

Anglican Missions has been able to reach further afield thanks to its longstanding partnerships with the New Zealand Church Missionary Society (NZCMS), and a number of overseas societies and churches.

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Putting love into action for over 100 years.