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Mud Brick Project

When cyclones strike, homes in Fiji are the first to fall.

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Laying foundations for climate resistant communities.

When cyclones strike, homes in Fiji are the first to fall. Mud Bricks are an innovative solution to create resilient, cyclone-proof housing. This project empowers local villages through brick production, creating houses that can weather the devastating effects of climate change.

It takes approximately 8000 bricks to build one house, and it costs about $2NZD for one brick. Every $2 you give will literally build foundations for climate resilient communities in Fiji!

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Project Goals

Jobs and economic growth

Safe and secure worksites

Equipment to make bricks

Golden Oldies

Age is just a number.

Climate out of control

The Pacific Islands are routinely devastated by climate change.

The Pacific Islands are on the front lines of climate change related weather events. As sea levels continue to rise from the melting of polar ice, low lying islands are at continued risk from flooding, costal erosion and storm surges.

Cyclones have become an unfortunate annual rhythm for the Fiji Islands, with the number and severity increasing every season. The cyclones that make landfall can be absolutely devastating to local communities, particularly to structures like houses.

Compressed earth bricks (“Mud Bricks”) are an excellent, renewable material to build (or rebuild) homes that are prone to weather damage. They also are a great natural insulator, and will generally stay cooler than concrete structures.

Another brick in the wall

Help build vital infrastructure

Currently, the working and site conditions are restricting production because the bricks and machinery are exposed to the elements. Your donation will go towards vital infrastructure to make the production process more effective; secured and weatherproof site offices, maintenance for brick pressing machines, tools, equipment and training.

Crucially, your support will enable the team to scale up – being able to pay wages for builders and labourers will accelerate productivity and create jobs and opportunities for many locals looking for work.


Donations towards the Mud Brick Project will go towards making the process of creating and building with bricks. This includes better working and site conditions, salaries and wages for local labourers and for production of bricks - it costs approximately $2NZD to create one brick.
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Your Lenten Appeal donation will go towards the production of Mud Bricks to build cyclone resistant houses.

Donate to the appeal!